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Saturday 16th March & Sunday 17th March 2019 

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Take the Guesswork out of patient management. By always working from weakness to strength you are always improving the robustness and resilience of every patient.


Working with universal neurology and physiology common to all vertebrates gives you a confidence you can never have with statistics and averages. 

Practical Skills

Hands-on clinical skills will allow you to examine patients for muscle tone. If muscle inhibition exists, it is either caused by an injury, is the cause of an injury or is going to cause an injury. There is no downside to making a patient stronger.

Your Instructor


Simon King has been in practice 32 years. At a rough guess that's 25,000 patients, 130,000 visits and 6 million muscle tests.

In 1986 he qualified as a Diplomate in the ICAK and began teaching Applied Kinesiology.  In  May 2000, he went back to the textbooks and re-learned the neurology of muscles, specifically how muscle tone was controlled by muscle spindles and anterior motor neurons. When Lesley Pexton arrived in his practice, he knew he was onto something.

He had some early dramatic success and worked hard to disprove himself. Over 22 years, he never has. The theory is not just sound, it is indisputable because it is the basis of all movement of all vertebrates.


Since then he has taught the paradigm and the techniques that derive from it to over a thousand practitioners, mainly chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists and almost universally, they report how it has made their practice easier and more enjoyable because they can manage their patients more effectively. 

"The most logical and rational approach to muscle testing, diagnosis and patient betterment that I have read, listened to or practiced."

Alan Jenks

Chiropractor, Netherlands

Life changing is all I can say, phenomenal results and happy patients. Never been so content as a practitioner as I have been since learning these skills, thank you.

Mark Tucker

Chiropractor, London

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for opening my eyes again to the effectiveness of correct and proper muscle testing and the amazing approach you have developed to find weak patterns and their cause that i would never have contemplated before attending your course. It has given me great confidence and has empowered me to help more people

Terry Coulits

Chiropractor, Sydney

Our Live Seminars INCLUDE

  • Yummy Vegetarian Lunch

  • Glossy Printed Manual

  • 6 hours CPD

  • One Month's free access to ongoing support and mentorship 

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